Everyone Leaves

by Men and Mountains

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Zach Hudson
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Zach Hudson this is an amazing record. I fell in love with these guys since my band played with them 2ish years ago. they took forever to actually record, but it was worth the wait. highly recommended. Favorite track: The Devil Is A Married Man.
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released January 6, 2014

Men and Mountains is Christopher Dupree, Aaron Thompson, Ryan Valentine, Payton Wilborn, and Matthew Walters.

Produced by Lloyd Aur Norman.

Engineered by Stephen D. Jones.

All songs recorded at Villain Place in Nashville, TN.

All songs written and performed by Men and Mountains.

All lyrics written by Men and Mountains; except "When the Bow Breaks", written by Cody Gilbert and Chris Dupree.

Group vocals performed by:
Chris Dupree, Aaron Thompson, Ryan Valentine, Payton Wilborn, Matt Walters, Lloyd Aur Norman, Lucas Smith, Caroline Bowman, and Hunter Dawson.

Artwork by Adam Fields.



all rights reserved


Men and Mountains Rainsville, Alabama

We're just five dudes from north Alabama who play loud music.

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Track Name: Grow Up For Your Children's Sake
I'll tip this bottle back until it feels like my neck could just snap. As I pick up the pieces, I think back on why I hate you so much, now. Because I gave you everything, all the love left inside of me. Too bad this bottle could never end up as empty as you seem to be. I've always wondered how you've kept it together. How are you still standing on two feet with that demon climbing up your back? Yeah, I still wonder how you hold it together. How could you only be asleep as dead as you seem to be? I’ll always wonder how you’ve kept it together. As dead as you are to all of us, now. As soon as I thought I was good to get out of this town, you come around and you need me. So, I hang around and as soon as you're back on your feet, you put me through hell and then leave me. Well, I've a few words in my head that I'd like you to know. So, I hope this last line is real catchy. I'll yell it aloud until the veins in my throat just explode or until the edge of your seat collapses. I'm toasting to every night that I won't spend by your side as I drink this bottle dry.
Track Name: The Devil Is A Married Man
We're all goners now; so don't tell us how this had anything to do with calling for help. Because we were too caught up in asking for hell. We've brought this on ourselves. I swear the devil is a married man. I've caught her sleeping with most of my friends and now you'll find them reaping the seeds they have sewn. I'd never wish to meet who they have become. I’m on my own. I've got myself into an awful mess, backed in a corner losing all of my friends. All because I kept a straighter back. What's worse than alone? We were the best of friends, no remorse and no amends. We cut the ties that bound us blind to the world outside. I never wish to meet who we have become.
Track Name: I Cried Wolf Until I Could Not Speak
Between you and I, these past few years I've been falling apart all along. And it feels as if the bridges I've burned have all been rebuilt behind my own crooked spine. The ashes I spill from my weary hands keep leading me back to the same places. I've been running in circles unknowingly crossing them over and over. I’ve been collecting splinters and bruises but I’ll never learn a thing, no I’ll never learn. Well friend, I am running out of masks and matches and that face you've known me to keep well hidden is slowly approaching the surface. The lies I’ve told to hide it, the walls I’ve built around it, to keep it from breaking my skin are failing by the minute. Between you and I, these past few years I've been digging my grave all along. And it feels as if the ties I’ve cut have fixed themselves around my naked neck. The dirt I spill from my bleeding hands is evidence of the lies I’ve buried. I’m running in circles again and I’m starting to believe that I’ll never know. Wolves are out to get me; they sink their teeth in. From under sheep’s clothing, they hunt from within. We were the salt that sank in their bones, you were so lost and oh so alone. We were the lies that you have told, so bury them here and they’ll never know. I’ve cried wolf, ‘cause you know that I have no choice. I’ve cried wolf, now I’m finally losing my voice.
Track Name: You Didn't Plant This Seed
God, I hope that you are scared of the monster I could be, that could tear out both your lungs because you don't deserve to breathe. Instead, I hope you're happy, though I pray you're losing sleep. Because the monster you became never got a hold of me. I remember, one night you were waiting for us on the front porch, eyes as wide as the moon. Desperate, like an animal, running back and forth between mine and my mother's rooms. "Yeah right, like I'm just going to throw you my wallet. We all know what you're about to do. You're going to walk out that door with something while we sleep.” Where have you gone? Your wife's sleeping alone. I'm wondering, "What's it going to be like if he comes home tonight?” Two a.m. and you still haven't shown, so she folds down all the blinds and she turns off all of the lights. You were a husband, a father, a well-dressed wolf on a Sunday night. You hid so well until we got in the car. Now, your once little girl is growing up without you in her life. Just who the fuck do you think that you are? For seventeen hard years, I called you daddy. Something my father only had one chance to be. I'll never love you again and I'll never be you. No, I won’t be like you. Because you didn't plant this seed.
Track Name: When The Bow Breaks
I watched from my porch swing as the men prepared their castles of salt where they would dwell in the sea. "Well, I once had a whole heart, a made out of gold heart, but half of it sank five miles deep.” That's the story Grandma told me before she would show me the pictures that would help her describe. The men were kissing their children and wives goodbye and setting sail toward the sun for the final time. She says that she still sees him and, God, how I would've loved him. Oh, how she still loves him the same. Then, she closes her eyes and sends up a prayer to be back with him again someday. Her tears form a river that now flows at our feet. Giving in to her sadness, we are carried away. So, here we float in an ocean and his ghost haunts our souls. I see the ship going down in her eyes. We're dragged far beneath the surface, where his love ceased to be, and where we'll drown re-living her memories. And when the bow breaks, her heart breaks, her water the same. My mother is kicking harder, now. Who'll give her a name and save me? "Save us"