Dead Leaves

by Men and Mountains

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released February 12, 2016

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Andy Jackson

Recorded at Jackalope Studio in Birmingham, AL

All songs written and performed by Men and Mountains

Aaron Thompson- guitar, vocals, keys
Payton Wilborn- bass, vocals
Matthew Walters- drums
Christopher Dupree- guitar, vocals, lap steel
Ryan Mabry- guitar, vocals, keys, glockenspiel

Additional vocals by Jesse McClendon and Jake Sloan



all rights reserved


Men and Mountains Rainsville, Alabama

We're just five dudes from north Alabama who play loud music.

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Track Name: Mountains to Climb
I'm just a man with a life on his mind who still has bridges to cross and mountains to climb. A wife to come home to, a baby to hold. A story to tell and heart made of gold. Here is how it goes. Pay close attention to the next lines."Life is beautiful. Don't let the world get in the way. Confide in yourself. You've nothing this wretched world can take. Take a deep breath. Your heart is still beating, you're not dead yet." Now, you're just a girl with two hearts beating beneath your skin. Alone at my doorsteps, awaiting your end. No place to come home to, no good man to hold. But, what a story you'll tell when your baby grows old.
Track Name: Pray/Prey
It took the best of me to get through the night in this bitter goddamned cold, but "my lungs are aching" from something much worse. It wasn’t the question that burst through my ears, but the answer it returned. "Oh god, the blood" (your blood), It couldn’t ever lie. It took a phone call to bring me to tears. The sirens come to claim their prize. And I don’t even care, cause you’re not even there. How could I say... I can't find the words, not like words could’ve ever saved your life. 'Cause we were brothers after all. And it shakes me to my bones that you’re not by my side. We were brothers after all. "Don’t say a word," don’t you even try cause your body’s wearing out. The only thing that I can do is to stay quiet and motionless. I hope like hell that you didn’t feel a thing, your arms are split open wide. My brother, my friend, "I will stay until the end," until you’ve expired. But you didn’t even care, it was just too much to bear. "Oh my god, what have I done?" I went and deserted you. My brother, my friend, I swore till the end that I would see this through. Your blood, it soaks the ground. You’ll always remain here. My heart it pounds, I’ll never forget the look in your eyes. I'll never forget you.